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About Us


Laugh Hysterically, Applaud Wildly, Enjoy Fun and Laughter as members of the audience become the Stars of the Show!!! The Comedy Hypnosis Show that has the audience laughing so hard and so much a part of the show that no one wants to miss a second. Everyone loves to see volunteers from the audience as they use the power of their imagination to become a Star. Hear the Laughter and be amazed as First Trance Aka Mr or Mrs Hypnosis has them stuck to their chair or speaking martian...Or perhaps they have xray vision or have become a famous singer. Imagine the possibilities....."Sleep Now" ......Your Chair Awaits !!!!!!


Great Fun Entertainment for any type of event !!!! From Private parties in small rooms to Large Corporate events. Indoors or outdoors ,Hundreds of people or a small group. Fun Parties, Birthdays, Project Graduations or Prom nights,Senior events or Fundraisers for Organizations. Your First Trance Professional Entertainer has the audience participate right from the start of the show. No one is left out as the Fun and Laughter of the show builds. If needed First Trance will provide a sound system for our show at no cost!!!!!  


Your Show !!!!!

Imagine your Comedy Hypnosis Show being the Fun, Exciting and different Entertainment that had the audience laughing from beginning to end.....We wont embarrass anyone, and wont even let them embarrass themselves...Audiences Applaud like crazy as volunteers assume new personalities, speak a different language and many other hings happen. Picture Your audience being amazed as they discover the power of their imagination....Fun Entertainment G-Rated  for all audiences!!!!!